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So, here we have pretty unique device. I bet you won’t find something that could sound the same great way for the same low cost. Basically, PortAMP-II sounds pretty much the same with another MyST’s device called HiAmp, but PortAMP-II is portable (like its name says) and it could operate using two spare 18650 type accumulators.

PortAMP – II uses the double mono scheme. Each channel in this device is powered by individual battery. So, PortAMP-II is more autonomous, comparing to other HiFi-amp-devices. Also, it could provide proper channel panorama and signal’s protection from power surges and mains hum.

HiEnd portable headphone amplifire MyST PortAMP-II

Speaking about battery life, this device could work with low-impedance headphones, using minimum energy. For example, it could work for 7 hours with -IzoPhones-60. After this 7 hours PortAMP-II worked another 3 hours with ‘simple’ ATH-40x headphones. It provided 7-10 hours of autonomous work in total.

PortAMP-II is a portable version of MyST HiAmp and it sounds pretty much the same, speaking about sound quality.

This device will give you precise and universal sound of any genre with any headphone type.

As usual, our goal is to make universal sound amp that would sound great, playing aggressive rock/metal music or tender vocal music. You could use any type of headphones you prefer with PortAMP-II and it will sound great.

Also, for this model we used volume meter, based on resistive matrix technology (Nikitin’s potentiometer). This technology provides you with unique characteristics, which are impossible to gain from another potentiometers, regardless of price and brand. The same volume meter is using in DAC1866OCU.

HiEnd portable headphone amplifire MyST PortAMP-II

Nikitin’s potentiometer makes the perfect balance between two channels, regardless of volume level. The tone won’t change and the power balance will be perfect. It’s impossible to gain such characteristics on another potentiometers’ type.

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