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Amplifier MyST Hi-Amp is an excellent choice for those people who wish to get the highest possible audio quality in the headphones. In addition to the impressive technical characteristics it has an attractive appearance.

Moreover, there is a useful option in this amplifier - the ability to set up the quantitative level of low and high frequencies by dint of the embedded analog tone quality pack.

MyST Hi-Amp

There are two line inputs in the MyST Hi-Amp, each of them has the appearance of a pair of RCA connectors. This means that it's possible to connect two signal sources to this amplifier - for example, a high-quality digital-to-analog converter (DAC) and a vinyl player. Switching between sources is carried out with the help of a tumbler switch located on the front panel of the amplifier.

There are two headphone jacks in MyST Hi-Amp, as well as line inputs. Both of them have diameter of 6.3 mm, and in both of them the loudness level can be set up by a single regulator. The audio quality of MyST Hi-Amp doesn’t depend on whether one or two headphone jacks are used.

The level of the headphones' resistance, suitable for the MyST Hi-Amp, can vary from 8 to 600 ohms. The output power is enough to provide a loudness level in headphones with any sensitivity, which would be comfortable for most users.

MyST Hi-Amp

A tone quality pack, embedded in MyST Hi-Amp, would allow you to increase or decrease the quantitative level of the low- and high-frequency register in the sounding. It can be used to achieve the most smooth tonal balance in the connected headphones or to ensure the accordance of sounding of the audio system to the individual tastes of the users in the best possible way. The operation of the tone quality pack doesn’t normaly introduce any additional distortion into the sounding of the amplifier. If desired, the tone quality pack can be turned off. For this purpose there is a rod embedded into the front panel of the amplifier.

There are only two terms which would explicitly describe the audio quality of MyST Hi-Amp with a switched off tone quality pack - and these terms are resolution and tonal balance. To be more precise - almost perfect tonal balance and resolution, which enables one to hear just as much as the headphones are capable of. MyST Hi-Amp won't add specific, unique charm, magical warmth or other prettiness of this kind to your music . However, the combination of the two qualities mentioned above will make it possible to appraise this product as one of the best headphone amplifiers in the world.

MyST Hi-Amp

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