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MyST IzoPhones-60
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This is the most "light" model in the assortment of our brand.
Many people who listened this model of headphones (or saw the measurement graphs) noted a low level of low frequencies. It means, of course, a quantitative level, not a qualitative one.

Moreover, we lay on the line that one day we would decide to bring this model out of the assortment. But very good reviews from abroad and constant pre-orders made us doubt this decision.

MyST IzoPhones-60

Actually we will describe the situation that has occurred.
This model of headphones is slightly different from most other headphones. In the low frequency range this model differs not the quantity, but the speed, the extremely clear working off of attacks. In short, the quality is on the first place.

In addition, don’t forget that the ear doesn't hear the most "deep" bottoms. The man perceives with the body the most "deep" bottoms. It is more important how the headphones behave in the lower midpoint. And just the Izo-60 have a reference level with the middle frequencies and the lower midpoint.

As a resul the sense of bass can be diametrically opposed in this model. It will depend on what exactly is a "good bass" for you.

These headphones aren’t for you if you are a fan of the bass that is obtained by raising the lower midpoint (the vast majority of headphones have just such a bottom) with the next of this hum, background and "filling" the space.

If you are expecting from the headphones of what is often expected from low frequencies - a sense of vibration perceived by the bones, the body; If you are expecting that you will not hear, namely, feel the bass - you have a chance with this model.

MyST IzoPhones-60

Nevertheless we recognize that each man's perception of sound is very individual, and we can’t promise that these headphones will suit everyone. They have objective nuances that can’t be avoided.

The absence of the usual pumping in the lower midpoint, and the fall of the low-frequency level with frequency reduction, makes the sound "light", with a clear dominance of the middle and high frequencies. This characteristic may not satisfy those who like massive heavy sound. It is better for such clients to pay attention to Izo-30S or Orto.

But this model can be a good choice for those who appreciate resolution and precision in sound. As IZO-60 have unique capabilities in many ways in both the mid- and the high-frequency ranges.

Firstly headphones are extremely smooth even at high frequencies. The smoothness of the mid- and high-frequency ranges and the absence of any roughness and distortion are almost exemplary in the Izo-60.

Further the headphones are absolutely not perceived as "light-weighted" sounds, despite some skew in the direction of the medium and high frequencies, and "light" character. On the contrary, you will have to search for such tight, stiff, collected headphones.
Generally it is not ideal (the ideal headphones have not been invented yet), but a unique model that has few analogues in the world. As it should be, this model has an extremely high resolution and excellent attacks, thanks to a good isodynamic transducer. But, as it rarely happens, it has a very tight and smooth sound. And there is no feeling of squeezing and "wooden hitting", there is no simplification of sounds unlike the equally tight dynamic models (such as HD800 T1, etc.). Quite the contrary.

As for the design the earcups and the system of fastening to the bails are made from aluminum, and the bails are made of spring steel. But, nevertheless, we didn’t make the bails too tight and strong, so you can slightly weaken the pressure by simple slight unbending the headband.

The wire is fixed to the headphones with the most usual "minijack", which makes them easy for all kinds of experiments with wires, for those who want it.
But, the complete wire is a silvered copper with a percentage of silver reaching up to 70%, so if you aren’t a cable maniac the complete wire will be enough for you.

MyST IzoPhones-60

From the history of the model.
These are the first full-size headphones of the brand MyST.
And like the best representatives of the market not an ordinary loudspeaker bought from a single supplier is used in these headphones, but an Izodinamic transducer made in Russia, of its own design,

And, yes - you heard right. Usually, as a rule, the purchased stuffing + own body kit are used in any "non-Chinese" model. The main feature in IzoPhones-60 is that the loudspeaker is manufactured in Russia. And the main and most complex part of the loudspeaker - the membrane - is manufactured in Russia according to requirement specification of our brand.

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