Portable Combine (DAC + AMP)
Combine (DAC + Amp)
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MyST PortaDAC 1866OCUB
Portable Combine (DAC + AMP)
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DAC1866OCUB is a top Hi-Fi portable DAC. DAC1866OCUB is the first portable multi-bit DAC with Bluetooth input. We use multi-bit (parallel, R-2R) DAC. We use 16-bit multi-bit DAC, but it sounds much better then any delta-sigma DAC. Its sounds crisp, better response on gentle sounds. DAC1866OCUB sounds more natural than any delta-sigma DAC.

MyST PotraDAC 1866 OCUB

Unique portable PortaDAC1866OCUB has several, nowhere else occurring features, such as the presence 4-digital inputs, including wireless input - Bluetooth! Significantly expanded the area of ​​the use of the portable DAC.

DAC1866OCUB works with any computer Mac/Win/Linux etc. DAC1866OCUB works with any iOS/Android/Simbian device (smartphones/tablets) via Bluetooth.
DAC1866OCUB powered by Litium-ion battery.
It can works from 8 to 9 hours on battery power.

MyST PotraDAC 1866 OCUB

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