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This DAC (or rather a combine -a device that combining a DAC and an amplifier) will be very interesting for those who think that music (not devices) should sounds beautifully. For those who think that device should not add anything to the material.
No wonder the AD1862 is called one of the best converters in the history of DAC construction. The sound of the DAC 1862OCU (made on its basis) can be called superanalytical, accurate, fast, detailed. Perhaps it may not like to the fans of the "scene", "fat", a la "super-detail" (in the face of the selected ringing on the attacks) and other "goodies". At least if the record hasn’t these “goodies” itself.

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1862OCU is not one of those devices that so much love some "audiophiles" - which thinks out for the artist how he should sound. It simply takes what is in the recording and shows it to the listener. And then it all depends from the talents of the performer and sound producer. So this device is one of the most “honest” on the market.
Detailing, accuracy, resolution is another feature of the DAC 1862OCU. Moreover, it is important to understand that detailing in 1862 multi-bit is achieved in a fundamentally different way than in delta-sigma converters.
Many users (not only ordinary, but also very name reviewers) confuse the detailing and the allocation of the mid-high band. And these users are call "super-detailed" such devices that really have nothing to do with detailing, but have the so-called "ringing" – selection the attacks, emphasizing sharp fast sounds, an excessive emphasis on high-frequency sounds. At the same time, LF can be "bashed" and can be nothing except continuous spineless mumbling. This is a fundamental mistake - such sound has nothing to do with detailing.

DAC + Amplifire MyST DAC 1862OCU buy

So, detailing in the 1862OCU achieved not due to ringing “decoys” and not an excessive emphasis on HF. Detailing in 1862OCU (multi-bit device, made by NOS technology) is achieved precisely due to high-quality testing of attacks, due to separating sounds and additional sounds with maximum accuracy. And besides on the whole range. Not only the MF and HF get high separation and saturation with details. Even LF cease to be "rubber" as in delta-sigma converters. LF become extremely biting, fast and accurate. Finally in them appears informational content, a wealth of sounds and additional sounds. Moreover, those additional sounds that are in the record, in the instruments, but not the "local" that introduced by the device.

It is precisely this character that makes the DAC1862 sound original, a less like to any other devices on the market. On the one hand, it is too “tasteless” if we are talking about “tasty” distortions that introduced by the device itself. On the other hand, it is incredibly tasty as it allows you to get to the true taste in the melody.

DAC + Amplifire MyST DAC 1862OCU buy

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