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MyST OrtoPhones
planar magnetic (isodynamic) headphones
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A unique, completely Russian headphones which have no analogues in the world!
According to our information this product is the first in the world Orthodynamic headphones (with conductive path that spirally applied) with a membrane of 8cm in diameter! As a result we have a unique development and sound.

Only a few companies were involved in production and development of orthodynamic headphones and it was long time ago. However, recently the company Oppo has made a successful attempt to develop the old theme and revive the orthodinamic driver in the headphone construction. But the diameter of the drivers wasn't more than 4cm in both cases.

MyST, Ortophones

We decided to develop this idea. In OrtoPhones we use membranes of 8cm in diameter which significantly increases the membrane area working directly in magnetic field. That most beneficially affects the quantity and quality of low frequencies, density and dynamics of the sound.

To those people who are already familiar with MYST products we could say that with respect to sound character OrtoPhones are similar to balansed armature earphones Nail2 which have already become some kind of cult product among fans of portable audio. Both OrtoPhones and Nail2 have decreased high frequencies and almost no distortion of them which makes the sound seem to be a little bit "heavy" and slightly unusual during the first 1-2 minutes, as if it is amplified at the lower range. But purity, smoothness, solidity, accuracy and neutrality of high frequencies could be hardly missed.

In other words, it's possible to find fault with quantity of frequencies, but hardly with their quality.

MyST, Ortophones

As for middle frequencies, they are alike high ones - no color, distortion, ringing, crash, burst or other "frills" like that. And all these merits are combined with high resolution and definition. Excellent balance of inconspicuous professionalism.

As stated above, low frequencies could seem to be a little uplifted. However, not so much as it became a problem. Moreover, it's hard to find fault with the quality of low frequencies as well - they are taut, tight, slap. It is possible that Izophones-30 or Izo-60 bottoms may seem a little more "quick", more slashing.

However, these headphones will surely satisfy people who don’t like when the quality of the high frequencies is replaced by their quantity or artificial color in the form of roughness or "crystal sand". You will not find this in MyST OrtoPhones.

MyST, Ortophones

Number of drivers1
Impedance18 Ohms
Sensitivity80 dB/mWt
Max input power500 mWt
Weight70 g
Warranty12 months

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