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And now we would like to bring to your attention our novelty product - PortaDAC 1862 assembled on the base of two multibit chips AD1862. At the moment this DAC is the quintessence of what we call "quality audio reproduction."

It based on the idea of the primary importance of transient characteristics in achieving maximum quality audio reproduction, as well as in our earlier products. And in this device the transient characteristics are "cool" as never before in this device - both literally and figuratively.

MyST PortaDAC1862

As a result PortaDAC1862 is so unlike its potential competitors, as it can be imagined. Of course, we can’t pretend to a global knowledge of the all audio market, but we can assert with a great deal of confidence that there are literally the very few devices with similar capabilities in the world. We can assert this if only because of the overall manufacturers' enthusiasm with respect to delta-sigma converters - the technology which fundamentally can’t provide such a level of transient characteristics, and as a consequence it cannot provide such a resolution at high frequencies. And even more so you would unlikely find something similar at the same price level.

As we mentioned above, the major advantage of this device is high-frequency processing that globally distinguishes this DAC from competitors. This DAC has extremely accurate sounding, the highest resolution, absence of any "ringing", "sand", "mealiness" of high frequencies, excellent working out of blows, claps, creaking of strings, etc.

Without effort you could even clearly distinguish the moment of the stick's contact with the cymbals and the subsequent sound of the cymbals' playing. Undoubtedly you may like or dislike the sounding of PortaDAC 1862, you may accept or not accept it, but you can’t overlook its unicity.

MyST PortaDAC1862

Сonceptually MyST PortaDAC1862 continues the line of "semi-stationary" devices which was started with the production of MyST PortAmp II. Despite the fact that PortaDAC1862 is fairly big and only a very fanciful music lover could use it on the road, it still has two accumulators of the type 18650. So, even if you don’t have an available power socket or you wouldn't like to increase the quantity of wires on your table, you have the opportunity to get a truly top sound with a minimum inconvenience. In addition, the accumulators are a natural supply-line filter that doesn’t allow power-supply noise and stray pick-up in the circuit, responsible for the sound.

In addition an HDMI input is one of the unique features of this DAC, which makes it possible to get high-quality sound even from a telephone (if it has an appropriate connector).

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