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MyST Nail4
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Nail 4 is the first two driver model of earphones issued under the brand MyST. By this model we tried to provide our client with a sound that would be a bit different from our usual concept.
This model has a slightly "soft" and "dense" manner, in some way similar to the feature of the hybrid earphones. Actually, Nail4 model was introduced into assortment of the brand MyST as a kind of domestic response to a multi-driver and hybrid (loud speaker + armature) models, whose sound had been liked by many audiophiles - not so much for precision and resolution as for good saturation and emotionality.

MyST Nail4

Unlike single-driver models, this two-driver model was created to attract the listener not so much with the highest resolution, as with an enthralling manner of the sound.
In general, the tonal balance of Nail 4 is slightly shifted towards low frequencies. And in consequence of this feature the sound acquires additional mass, pressure, density, saturation, but loses a bit in the lashing and density of impact, in the liquid nature of the attacks.
Medium frequencies are somewhat restrained and not aggressive. But they are precise and accurate, just as in any decent armature earphones.

MyST Nail4

High frequencies are not lifted or cut. They don’t jut out with peaks and don’t have any color, which would immediately "rush into the ears". Maybe they lack the sharpness and aggression in the "evil" melodies, but at the same time they are not so simple but to spoil the whole situation. We can say that they are moderately good and are at the proper level.

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