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People who are interested in the theme of portable Hi-Fi products should remember the time of output of Sleek Audio SA6 earphones, which were met very well by the world community. Their main features were: tuning the sounding with the help of replaceable filters and beautiful sound, combining the features of both the armature sounding, and some warmth and softness of the dynamic sound.

Such a sounding obtained from a single transducer was quite rare and caused extraordinary popularity among those audiophiles who didn’t want to lose informativeness in pursuit of the beauty of the sound. But this feature also made them the object of persecution among those people who believed that the sound first of all should be beautiful, but not exact or correct.

MyST Nail3

But, unfortunately, some time later this model disappeared from the world market leaving behind a lot of recommendations from numerous users and ... the controversial reputation of the model which was excellent in sounding and richness of settings, but very unreliable.

And at that moment we decided that the legend should live, if not as itself, but at least "as the descendant." We managed to find and buy several receivers (armature transducers) which had previously been used in the Sleek Audio SA6 model, and we created our own model MyST Nail3,using our experience in developing the Nail2 and Nail1.

Actually, we should note that model MyST Nail3 sounds like SA6, with the exeption of the fact that there is no possibility to adjust the sound in our model, as the American ancestor allowed to. But as for the rest, our domestic model inherited a lot of features of SA6.

MyST Nail3 also combines both a good resolution of the armature transducer on medium and high frequencies, and some softness, airiness, which are generaly incident to expensive dynamic earphones.

MyST Nail3

However, not only dynamic.
Manufacturers often try to achieve similar sounding in production of custom monitors which cost about one and a half or two thousand dollars. But it takes a lot of receivers (3-4 per channel) and separating frequency filters. But, at the same time, the phase characteristics decrease and, as a consequence, the resolution, detailing, informativeness do as well. There is no such problem in MyST Nail3, because only one transducer is used in this model, and a very good one.

We think that this model would appeal to those who are primary looking for a comfortable, not straining sounding for long listening, because well-defined sounds with an excellent attack can often cause fatigue with prolonged listening, and that happens not even because earphones are that tedious.

Commonly neither recordings nor sound sources are ideal. And some smoothing of the harsh moments in the recording often allows you to significantly extend the listening time. And the compromise is almost ideal with Nail3, because this model doesn’t have any significant loss of detailing or resolution, as it coulld happen with dynamic or multi-driver models.

MyST Nail3

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