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MyST Nail2*2
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The earphones MyST Nail2x2 are the first two-driver ("dual" - two transducers in a single pack) in-ear monitor phones produced by the Russian brand MyST.
Comparing them to other Nail models, we should note that, as a rough approximation, Nail2x2 earphones are "anti-Nail2". Just as Nail2 has a rather low tonality with a very dense, rumbling, massive bottom, there are middle and high frequencies dominating in Nail2x2. Although we can't say that this model has any problems with low frequencies. Low frequencies are composed, have a good attack and sound clean, neat, without any inclination to mumbling or humming.

MyST Nail2*2

“Live” instruments with a relatively high tonality are well emphasized and audible because of the change of accent in this model.The sound is a bit "light" and bright, but not too much. We can say that there is a roughness typical for "dual" on the high frequencies, but it is clearly lower than in most of the earphones assembled as per this scheme.

Definitly there is an emphasis of sounds which incline to sibilants, and sometimes brightness can "go off scale", when these sounds are also exceeded in the record. But most often the sound is not perceived as problematic. There is just the rise of "brightness" being felt in them.
Some people may call Nail 2*2 "very bright", and we can’t really argue with them. Nevertheless we should add that this feature is typical only for sufficiently bright records.
Our own experience of testing these earphones both on classics, and metal, or mixed collection, has revealed that there are practically no components annoying and "scratching" ear and brain. But anyway - we do recommend you to listen a couple of your favorite and most bright melodies before purchase of Nail 2*2.

MyST Nail2*2

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