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Over the past years there have arisen the following typical situation in the sphere of high-quality in-earhphones: market appearance of a new model (especially if this model is positioned as "top" and expensive) is accompanied by statements of the manufacturer that this very model is a kind of revolution in the world of Sound. However it is easy to notice that if each such statement were true the headphone industry would have developed as fast as computer technologies.

But in fact nothing like this happens, because there were no real revolution in the world of in-earphones for a couple of decades (the first in-ear monitor headphones were manufactured in the early nineties of the last century).

You probably think we pretend to say that MyST Nail 2 is exactly the very revolution. But no. The revolution implies something fundamentally new. As to earphones they would be neither more nor less than of much higher level of sound quality than before.

MyST Nail2

The situation with MyST Nail 2 is a little bit leaner, but still, we have something to boast of. The headphones don’t provide an abrupt increase in the audio quality, in comparison with all the others. But not without vanity we admit to state that the highest level of audio quality of in-earphones (and not only in-ear ones) have increased - quite a bit, but still and all - with their market appearance.

Yes, we have the nerve to assert that MyST Nail 2 is a bit better in audio quality characteristics and, more precisely, in the most important feature - the resolution - than all the pre-existing, mass-produced earphones.

High resolution, first of all, means accuracy, speed of working out each individual sound of the composition and high intelligibility of the sounding in general. You will never hear the slightest hint of "mud" or turbidity of sound in MyST Nail 2. These earphones will allow you to hear the sound of instruments and voices in minutest details, even replaying very complex music tracks in which there are not just many instruments and voices in them, but very many ones

Also, a high resolution bespeaks a huge number of small nuances in the sounding. MyST Nail 2 provides the best possible audibility of such nuances as technical details (all sorts of rustles, squeaks somewhere in the background, sounds from the auditorium (if it's about recording a concert), as well as various "musical trivia", for example, touching strings by fingers); and as musical detail (the overtones that make up the timbre of instruments, the "neat" reproduction of which creates a feeling of realistic sound).

MyST Nail2

So, MyST Nail 2 perhaps is the best to date earphones in terms of intelligibility and realism of sound. But, even so, they can’t be called ideal because of the features of their tonal balance. It has not a very large but noticeable bias towards low frequencies.

There are a lot of bass in MyST Nail 2, and this bass is fast, clear, biting, deep. Middle frequencies are reproduced in a balanced way - there is nothing to complain about in this area. But the number of high frequencies, especially the "most top", is understated - and this could not appeal to some listeners.

Many people who tried MyST Nail 2 at first noted that the cymbals, bells, and other "ringing" high-frequency instruments sounded unusually quiet in these earphones, but after more long listening music in them such a sound "entered in the habit " and the understated level of high frequencies no longer seemed a critical lack.

So, high level of details is one of the main features of MyST Nail 2. Another peculiarity is a reproduction of the high tones. Highs in MyST Nail 2 sound a little bit softer compared to most other IEMs. For the first time is makes a listener confused - but after some time, you realise that no details in these frequences are sacrificed, all high sounds are there, but they are just a bit rolled off. In a short time of listening this becomes an advantage for most people who tried them, because they have very low fatigue, you will never hear any sibilance even in aggressive recordings and sources.

By the way, this disadvantage has a positive side - initially bright phonograms, which sound too sharply in most of the earphones, sound more calm in MyST Nail 2 and don’t irritate, but only regale one's hearing!

MyST Nail2

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